Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I've learned from today...

(This may seem like a girly-post. And I know I have some guy readers, and I'd really like their opinion on this topic too. So read on if you will!)

You know how sometimes you go about your normal day and then all of a sudden your friend laughs at you for no reason? I mean, what's so funny, right? You're not trying to be funny, and for all you know they are laughing at something you did weird or wrong. Well that happened to me today at work to a girl I didn't even know that well.

Let me preface by saying I work at a deli shop to pay my rent for the time being while I'm in school. So once the sandwiches are done I call out the names, smile and give them their order. Friendly customer service, right? Well this lady I'm talking about is basically my manager there. After I call out a name she bursts into a fit of laughter. After asking what is wrong she said "You are just so cute and innocent." I asked her to explain more. She said "You just stand there and smile so innocently, it's cute!" I smile and shake my head. It's weird. I disagree because I wasn't trying to be cute, I was being myself!

"Do I have a cute calling voice?" My friend/roommate Nicky asks.

"No, you have more of a sultry, sexy voice," the manager responds.

"So I'm not sexy?" I respond.

"No," my manager responds. "But that's okay because people like 'cute' too!"

Well in my opinion, people called 'cute' are kind of downgraded I guess when somebody else is called 'sexy' right after them. Don't you think? Or am I just over-reacting here? Because I tried to explain this to them, but they didn't understand. They just kept saying "Just take the compliment!" But it's not a compliment really if someone gets the better compliment after you, is it? In my mind it almost cancels out the other compliment like it didn't really matter.

So I was talking to Nicky about it later because I couldn't stop thinking about it. She reassured me that she agreed with our manager in saying that I was cute, but also agreed the way she did it was awkward. (It really was!) And then we talked about that it's hard to see the 'cuteness' in ourselves when we are looking at others. We tend to compare ourselves to them when really our beauty isn't comparative. It's unique and we should accept it for what it is.

I heard a quote once saying "The qualities that people envy are usually the qualities they already have. That should make us try just a little harder to be ourselves." So I guess what I'm saying is that I might have my cute moments. It's bound to happen. But if I am so envious of someone else, I can't really see that I posses those qualities I want long for too, just in a different fashion. And it does kind of make me want to be myself a little more. Because I think it's better than the opposite happening to me. What I mean is, at least they look at me and laugh instead of look at me and cringe. You know those people I'm talking about. I'm glad I could spread a little happiness to my manager in the long run and I think I can pass that along to all the customers I come in contact at work with too.

So my questions for you dear readers:
1. If you are a guy, what do you think of this? I mean, is it really something guys do? Strive to gain qualities that you see in other guys that you admire?

Commenter shout-out time!
Pro: I seriously LOVE that site you gave me. Thank you thank you thank you! :)
Cole Garret: I got an award from him on his blog. Thanks for reading and commenting Cole! :)

P.S. If you read this far, you are awesome. I haven't posted anything about my novel or my trip to Croatia this summer so I was thinking about doing one of those. Which one would you rather hear about? My few weeks in Croatia or an excerpt from my novel? [and I mean short excerpt]

Monday, November 8, 2010

After my month long hiatus...

This is RIDICULOUS! Seriously, I haven't blogged in a MONTH!? Thanks to Kaylee who commented on my last post today which reminded me about the blog-o-sphere.

It's funny, because so much can change in one month! Let me recap...
1. That boy I was talking about is dating another girl now.
2. I had to DTR with that guys roommate...awkwaaarrd. I didn't even realize was into me.
3. An old friend is now suddenly taking an interest in me. (Not complaining)
4. The terrible roommate problems have suddenly vanished and we all get along really well!
5. I went to my first wrock/youtube concert and met my favorite band of all time :)
6. I made jello-shots for the first time!

That last one actually happened yesterday. We threw a roommate party and made drinks and jello shots. When I say threw a roommate party, it was nothing big. We hung out, danced to music, played kings, and took some terribly embarrassing video of us playing DDR. I even saw my roommate take her first shot. was a half-shot technically, but that's good for her! We don't do this often, so it was nice to just have a nice time at home and have all of us roommates getting along.

Okay that sounded like something just off of the Brady Bunch or something. Sorry.

Anyway, back to reality! The only reason I'm writing a blog post today really is because I literally have nothing that I want to do. I woke up this morning with my eye swollen. Ice helps, but it itches, hurts and is really red. I have no idea what caused this, but I can't put in my contacts and my glasses are out of date. So I get dizzy when I have my glasses on, and I get dizzy when I just have one contact in. I can't win! So seeing as I can't see, I decided not to go to class since I can't take notes. By the way. Imagine me squinting with one eye closed while typing this. Got that visual in your head? Okay I give you permission to laugh. I'm glad no one else is home with me.

I have a test later today, which I have to go to, but that's okay. I should be studying for that, and my test Wednesday and the GRE. Has anyone taken the GRE? It's kicking my butt! You have to know so many vocabulary words that no one in their right mind uses anyway. So why am I being tested on words like impecunious, licentious, pusillanimous and zeitgeist. Am I REALLY ever going to use those words again? No, no I am not. Don't even get me started on the math section...

I don't think I've blogged about this before, but I am doing NaNoWriMo during the month of November. It's National Novel Writing Month for those of you who don't know. I'm attempting to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of November. I've already got 9k, so I think I'm doing pretty good! Yesterday was the first day I didn't write a word though. That kind of scares me a bit that I won't catch up, but hey that's okay! If at the end of the month I only get to 30,000 words, I still have 30,000 words of a novel written! That's much more than I would have had if I just gave up completely! My roommate Nicky thinks I'm absolutely insane for finding writing enjoyable. "Dork" I believe is her word of choice to describe me. I don't care, it's fun!

So questions for you:
You like to blog, right? But do you like to write? They are completely different!

Commenter Shout-out time!

Anastasia B, Katie Weber and Kaylee: I loved all of your comments! Thanks for understanding and offering advice if you could. You guys are seriously awesome! And even more awesome if you read this reply to your comment a MONTH later!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The opposite sex

I think this is becoming only on Fridays. Sorry I can't be more consistant than that! My week is pretty hectic! And of course I leave the weekends for fun and work. Mostly fun though...

Quick side story: It's homecoming week at my school, which means lots of parties, and Mickey came in last night completely drunk. She usually has a high tolerance for alcohol, but she apparently can't hold her shots. I found her at 5:30 this morning (when I got up for work) completely sprawled on her bed and passed out. She couldn't even change her clothes. She was still feeling it when she came to class this morning at 11. Haha! My poor roommate :) I love her, even though she's not the brightest person sometimes. Ah well, I guess we all have to let go a little bit now and then.

Now onto what I really want to talk to you about!

I think both girls and guys alike can agree that the opposite sex is quite confusing and frustrating at times! No matter how many books we read about them or questions we ask, there is still no sure way of understanding the opposite sex, because they are all uniquely different and complex!

I will admit that I am a complicated person. I don't even understand my emotions sometimes! So I pity the guy who falls in love with me. He must be a saint. Or nonexistent. That's probably why I haven't met him yet. :)

But in all seriousness, I consider myself to be a good people reader. If my friends are having boy problems, I can usually pick up on his body language and help my friend out. It's happened on several occasions. But when my own heart is involved, I'm completely clueless to the what this guy is thinking. How does that even work!?

I'm not going to get into the personal details too much here. I like my friends to keep their anonymity because they don't really have a say in how much about them goes up on the internet, but I do. And if I do use my friends in stories, their names are always changed. The gist of the story is that I have a couple guys interested in me who are just really great friends, and nothing more going on there. If that's not frustrating enough, I'm also on the other side too. I'm the interested one, and still nothing going on there! It takes two people! And it would really help if he didn't flirt with other girls in front of me as I'm trying to make that transition to not care about him so much. BAH!

Questions for commenters: How are you with the opposite sex? Can you read them well or have you just given up trying? Also if you have any advice that would be more than welcomed. :)

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Mia: Yup, Late Nite is pretty fantastic! Thanks for the follow!
Sweta: Mmmm, how could I forget popcorn? That's a good light snack. Haha! Nope, Judy's still kicking!!
Cole Garret
: Oh yeah...Eat great even late :) That's always a good choice!

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Home's been a week. Hi, how's it going??

I feel like I've told you a lot of personal experiences and my likes/dislikes. But I haven't really given you a good look at where I come from. You can tell a lot about a person by where they live and where they've been. Though I'm not going to delve into my personal travels quite yet (that's a whole blog on its own), this blog is dedicated to my present surroundings, and I would love to hear stories about where you come from!

As you may or may not have guessed from my entries...I am a college student. My college is pretty typical and it's literally the most exciting thing that usually happens during the week. I feel like no one wants to hear about my boring classes. Nothing exciting happens in them...except this week I did get in trouble for pulling out a sudoku in class...but that's another story!

During the weekend my campus also tries to do things to keep the students entertained, especially those under 21. So they have this thing called "Late Nite". It usually involves crafts, inflatable obstacle courses, free food, pictures, movies, popcorn, games (both video and board) cosmic bowling, billiards and a dance party (which at one point concluded with a fire, remind to tell you that fun story another time!). Wow, now that I stop to think about it...that's quite a bit! Anyway, each Late nite has a theme.

This particular theme is McLate Nite. They have free McCafés tonight so it's going to be crowded!. It sounds fun, but I'd rather not go this weekend. The best themed ones by far were the Pirate and Harry Potter Late Nite's though. I'm usually someone who doesn't like change, so it's exhausting to see how many different activities they come up with! But after 4 years of different themes...I have to admit now I pretty much go for the food and bowling :)

I tell you that as a background story to the real point of this blog. Usually after Late Nite we go to Carter's hotdog stand or Greek's Pizzeria. Not only are they the only food places open after 1 A.M., they also have the best food ever! It really hits the spot for midnight cravings. They are also conveniently located smack dab in the middle of "The Village" which is populated by all of the college bars. I have plenty of funny stories about drunk people I've met in these lines for hotdogs or pizza. These two places are literally iconic at my University. You can't graduate without going here at least once!

So you can imagine my surprise when I read this headline on Twitter from our daily newspaper "Carter rests at hospital, plans to resume tour." My first reaction was "WHAT?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO CARTER!? AND WHY IS HE ON TOUR!? WE DON'T WANT TO SHARE HIM!" You may think that's a bit overplayed, but I swear it was all caps in my mind...until I clicked the link that was beside it...then I was extremely grateful I didn't say any of this aloud because I felt extremely brainless when I found out what the headline really meant.

Apparently, the news was talking about our former president Jimmy Carter who was on tour to promote his new book. Now I'm going out on a limb here and saying I had no idea that 1.) He was on tour, 2.) He wrote a book, or 3.) He was even still alive! Now don't think I'm mean here. I know that college life can sometimes segregate you from the 'real world' sometimes, but Jimmy Carter is 85 years old. It's not that far-fetched for me to think he could possible not still be here with us if he's not in the spotlight anymore.

If I could sum this blog up in 2 sentences it would be 1) Pizza and hotdogs are the best late night snack, and 2) being in college doesn't necessarily make you smart. Classic example right here. I apologize profusely if I've just shamed my generation. :)

Questions for commenters: What is your favorite midnight snack? And is there a famous person who you have no idea is still alive or not? (I know I'm not alone here!)

Commenter shout out time!

Anastasia B: You should read LaceyRee's comment. She definitely had a worse shower story!
Cole Garret: Haha...yeah I'm with you there, now anyway.
LaceyRee: You win hands down. Worst shower ever!! I'm so sorry! Haha, that must have been traumatizing!
Tabs A. Geek: You come in 2nd place for the worst shower story. That's crazy, and I just have to say, you made my day! Your comment made me laugh out loud when I was in class :) I AM sorry that you got hurt in the process though!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Worst shower of my life

I just experienced the worst shower of my life! You didn't think there was such a thing did you? Well...let me prove you wrong! Let me preface this story by saying I'm spending the weekend at my parent's lake house. So stuff like this normally doesn't happen, okay? Okay..onto the story.

It all started normal until I saw this fluttering out of the corner of my eye. It might be beneficial for you guys to know that I have a phobia of bees too. So of course I freak out, thinking it's a bee. I scream and throw my hands everywhere. The point was to try getting it away from my face. It worked, but I also pulled back the shower curtain and sprayed water all over the floor in the process. Only after I regained my composure and redirected the water flow, I realized it was only a moth. In my defense...this moth was HUGE! Kind of looked like and was the size of a bumblebee so I had reason to fret!

So I turn off the water and try to find something to capture it with so it doesn't try attacking me in the shower again (that's what it was doing, I swear!) To my luck, there was an empty clear cup on the sink. So the next 3 minutes consisted of me chasing the moth around the bathroom and screaming when it got too close to my face. My mom actually knocked on the bathroom door to make sure I was okay...that was kind of embarrassing. But honestly, take a moment to mentally picture that. I'm sure it would have been hilarious to anyone else but me, which is why I'm sharing my adventures with you dear blog readers!

I finally end up catching it and putting a tissue underneath the cup to keep the moth trapped in. Then it's big bug eyes were staring at me like they wanted revenge, so I put a candle on top of the cup to weigh it down. I'm sure if I hadn't that little moth would have fought his way out. He looked strong for a small thing!

Anyway....after that embarrassing episode...I tried to continue my shower. Tried to. Everything was going fine until I accidentally knocked my dad's razor in the tub mid-condition. The blade disconnected from the handle and went flying....right into the drain. It was JUST big enough to slip through. Not wanting to push it too far down, I try to turn off the water. Well of course I didn't turn the cold water handle all the way off because it shocked me so much with icy cold water I let out another squeal and jumped up. If I wasn't awake then, I was after that! In the process I somehow got conditioner in my eye and had to restart the freezing water to flush my eyes.

Okay now after properly turning off the water I try to use the handle of the razor to get the blade. Instead I pull out a HUGE wad of hair. It was disgusting. Kind of looked like a small mouse too. I was hoping (I don't know why) that the razor was in this goop of a hair ball. But it wasn't. Don't ask why, but I started to use my hands to try and find the razor. That could have ended badly. But fortunately/unfortunately I didn't find it. Fortunately because all of my fingers were still in tact. Unfortunately because that was my dads last razor. Oops? Sorry dad!

So yeah, the moral of the story: Use common sense when showering, it's dangerous. Also, I'm an idiot.

P.S. No moths were hurt in the making of this blog.

Commenter Shout Out Time!!

Denise Nicole: I knew we'd have a green-team commenter. That's okay...I got love for all :)
Cole Garrett: TMNT was the best! :) And I'm trying not to think about the other kinds of debt I'll get into later in life. Ahhh, so scared!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Team Nickelodeon or Team Disney?

WOW! Where did all you people come from? I basically just tripled my followers in 4 days. Granted I don't have very many, but hi! Welcome to my life!

I've started to write this blog so many times this week, but I just couldn't find anything to talk about at first! It basically started out like "I have too much on my plate blah blah blah," but no one really wants to hear about that. I didn't even want to write about it. So instead I thought I'd share with you three things I've heard this week that I find particularly interesting! I hope you do too!

1. October 10 is national cake decorating day!
Now you know I'm excited! I think this is the first week since we moved into our apartment that me and my roommates haven't had cake. Yes, we are that bad. But this holiday gives us an excuse to have more cake! There's something about cake in general...might be the sugar...that just puts me in a better mood! It'll probably end up being funfetti cake, since that is my favorite. Or, our second option (and better option if you ask me) is for me to make legendary cake ice-cream cones! You just put cake in little ice-cream cones and bake. It's seriously the most delicious thing I've ever made!

2. Today, in 1962, ABC's 1st color TV series-The Jetsons- was aired. (Yes I just looked this up)
This is just a classic topic to talk about. I feel a little nostalgic nowadays. I used to love the Jetsons! Seriously though I thought that's how the 2000s were going to be. I was only a little off. What were your favorite shows as a kid? I was a Nickelodeon fan myself. I know there was always a huge war between Nick and Disney...and then Cartoon Network was kind of like the green party, they had good points but no one listens to them. My favorite of all time was probably "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" I was a strange kid... But I liked all the classics too! Like Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beaver's, All That, Kenan and Kel etc. So it kind of evens out I guess.

3. I won't get out of debt until I'm at least 40...yaaaay!
I'm in a class called Social Problems. We've spent the first 1/3 of our semester talking about money and how much it sucks for our generation, yes I'm talking about you too. It's basically saying how much harder it is for us to get ahead because the government is against us. While I agree with this statement, it's not something I want to dwell on. Reality checks are needed from time to time. I understand that. It's probably a good thing I'm in this class, but can you at least show me the silver lining? Or change topics? There are a lot worse social problems out there than my debt I'm wracking up in college. We're not going to talk about THAT though! While interesting...not a very cheerful subject. But I just wanted to let all you 20 something bloggers out there...if you are in the same boat, I know what you're going through!!

To sum up, I will always be in debt (as will most of the United States), I am team Nickelodeon, and if anyone ever wants to make me a cake I would be more than happy to accept that gift. :)

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Vic: I don't have pics yet, we'll see
Anastasia B: Hey, don't diss the power rangers. They were my favorite growing up! I always thought they'd save me when I was in a really bad situation.
Konrad: Glad I could make you laugh.
Kate Weber: I wanna hear about your costume when you think of one!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pillsbury Dough Boy

So things got worse after I last posted to you, and then they got better, then just blah. Not really sure if anything is settled, but we're being civil so that's a plus? Anyway, I don't want to talk about that. The situation is still going on, but I don't want to dwell on it too much. Things will work itself out. But I wanted to thank you for your kind words! Seriously, you guys are great and it made me and Mickey feel a lot better. Onto a brighter topic!!

Today I was told that I should be the Pillsbury Dough Boy for Halloween. It's not as offensive as it sounds honestly! Today I was working as a 'Cooks Help' at the food court. I usually work in the sandwich department, but regardless it's such a fun job. Today I was working behind the pizza station making bread sticks. Today was the first day for this kid named Matt. Let me tell you, he just made my Monday about 15 times better! We got along so well! You those people that you just click with and instantly become best friends? Well he is one of them. We have the same sense of humor, and I enjoyed dishing as well as taking the teasing jabs we made at one another.

Oh right...Pillsbury Dough Boy. (Sorry I think I could talk about that kid forever.) Well, I was walking by to put some bread sticks in the cooler and he throws a ball of dough in the flour and it shoots up right in my face! Covered my apron, pants, shoes, everything! So I'm standing there frozen, mouth agape and holding bread sticks over my head out of the range of fire. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Once I could breathe again, we both died laughing! I put the bread sticks up and then Matt proceeded to show me off to the other workers, calling me his 'creation'. One of the full-timers there called me the Pillsbury Dough Boy and hence made me promise I would dress up as one for Halloween. Not that I'm actually going to, but I still think that it would be amusing, but only to those people I work with. Then she proceeded to tell us about how one Halloween she dressed up as a stripper. Too much information Deb!!! Bad, bad, bad visual pictures. So if you can think of anything cuter for me to dress up for Halloween as, please share! The answer is basically anything else.

Have you guys thought about what you're going to dress up as? And if you say "I'm too old to dress up" well think again! This is the one day out of the year it's okay dress and act weird and not be considered a freak, so I like it :) Enjoy being goofy!

I know this is a LOT shorter post than normal, but I think I'm going to leave you with that awesome short story and go enjoy some HIMYM.

It's time for commenter shout out!

Kate: Thanks! She sure appreciates it :)
Lovely Bee: You're too sweet. P.S. It's Monday! I think I was mistaken...the new season doesn't start today...but it starts soon!